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BT Family Advisors seamlessly manage your finances so you can spend less time behind a desk and more time with the people who matter.

Your Personal CFO

There comes a time in your life when managing your personal and family finances is no longer the best use of your time and impacts your ability to enjoy life. BT Family Advisors seamlessly manage your finances so you can spend less time behind a desk and more time with the people who matter.

BT Family Advisors act as your personal advocate and liaison between you and your wealth managers, attorneys, bankers, accountants and agents. We work alongside your team to maximize its efficacy and efficiency. We constantly monitor your finances and their performance, and we look for opportunities to maximize your resources and save you money.

Tired of spending time on bills, account reconciliation and budgeting? BT Family Advisors will take care of those responsibilities and more. We handle all aspects of property investment, refinancing, bookkeeping, market analysis and financial planning.

We understand your journey is unique, and we customize our services to meet your specific needs. Let us care for your finances as much as you do.

What We Offer

Tax Accountant Interaction

It can be tough to pull together all the information and records needed for your taxes. We know that, and we've done it. We will work with your tax accountant to prepare the annual tax organizer, obtain all the necessary information and present the information to your accountant in their required format. We will work with your accountant to make the most of available tax credits and deductions. During the year, we will interact with your tax accountants to provide any required updates and ensure you stay in line with your optimal tax strategies. We will also work with you to review any investment opportunities with your tax position in mind. If you do not have a tax accountant, we will assist you in selecting the right one for your specific situation.

Investment Banker/Portfolio Review

We do not want to be investment bankers or portfolio managers. We will evaluate your investment banker's performance comparing it to the performance of other individuals of similar net worth and assets under management. We understand this will be a major part of your overall net worth, and we will work with your established banker to review your portfolio performance. We will assist you with alternative investment research to complement your current portfolio should you desire. If you do not have an investment banker, we can help you select the right one for you.

Alternative Investments

Traditional investments like stocks and bonds are effective tools for managing your wealth. BT Family Advisors will research potential investments such as real estate, private equity or venture capital that could augment your portfolio. We will locate, vet and perform due diligence for you as needed.


We all know we need to budget, but the practice of budgeting and reviewing performance against budgets can be forgotten as we get busy. BT Family Advisors will sit down with you annually to identify goals and budgets and track toward them. Life happens. We can alert you when things are on track (or not), and we will find options to get back on budget.


Paying bills is usually our clients least favorite task, but it needs to be done correctly and on time. Staying current on your payments is important for your credit-worthiness and your family’s and business’ bottom line. And leveraging your finances to strategically repay debts can maximize your dollars. Our services ensure your bills are paid on time and at the correct amounts, and that you aren’t surprised by sudden changes to account status or billed rates.


We will track your personal finances like a business. Our service includes an online dashboard to review bills and expenses on your time. The level of detail and timing is customized to suit your needs and preferences.

CFO Services for Small Businesses

Many of our clients have a small business or two in conjunction with their family office. Clients view their businesses as part of their family net worth, and as such, we can also handle the accounting and bookkeeping for your business. We will coordinate with your existing financial team, or we can act as your company's finance department. We have also helped clients with small business creation and start-up tasks.

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